Alekna 70.97m, Lebedeva 15.23m, Samitova 9:09.84, WL marks in Rethymno, Greece

Alekna 70.97m, Lebedeva 15.23m, Samitova 9:09.84, world leading marks in Rethymno.
23.06.2004: The 20th version of Vardinoyannia EAA Permit meeting did not produce any world record, but three world leading marks confirmed its leading position in the EAA meetings ranking. Virgiljus Alekna set the first WL mark of the night, sending the discus to 70.97m, although few minutes earlier he saw Hungary’s Robert Fazekas to exceed first the 70m with a throw at 70.83m. Tatyana Lebedeva finally won with 15.23m in her third attempt, but Sudan’s Yamile Aldama had set a 15.21m in the second round of the triple jump. Aldama withdrew after the third round because of an injury. Russia’s Gulnara Samitova clocked 9:09.84, about a second far from her own world record. A stronger competition, especially after the first two rounds, could had led the Russian to smash the record. Top performances by Irina Simagina (7.01m), Yulia Nestherenko (11.01 and 22.91), Glory Alozie (12.66 in the 100mh), Uchena Emedolu (10.05 and 20.39), and Vladimir Zyukov (8.23m).