For months now I have listened to many of my friends who run track rave about how great Advocare is. So out of interest I purchased a couple of their products and I have noticed that they are much better than some of the supplements that I have had.

Have any of you used the products? If so which ones? What are you opinions or thoughts on advocare?

I have also heard that they are very, very close to becoming FDA approved, which is huge because they would be the first supplement company to be approved.

I happen to be a Distributor of Advocare. Which products did you use?

Soy protein?

POS 2 and POS 3

I know…as well as the Jenny Adams endorsement…SOY.

Anyways I have seen this stuff at the vitaminn shoppe before. I read the label and it seems to have an impressive list of ingredients for focus/concentration. I was going to buy it but if I remember correctly it was somewhat expensive. I guess thats the catch.


I was contacted early last year by a few elite track and field athletes who were getting the products for free to check the line out and tell them what I thought. At that time I looked over the web site to see what products they offered. Back then the web site did not give information as to what exactly was in the products. I called the company and they could not give me the contents of the products but they would pass my number to the local representative and they would provide me with the information. I was never contacted.

I see the web site has been updated to now include the products facts and ingredients. Now the big question- What is the cost?

First I have to get a sponsor them I can find out what this stuff costs.

What a pain in the ass.

Last summer one of the athletes did give me a can (at that time now they come in packets, according to the website) of the POS 3. Although the product has a generous amount of potassium (unlike most hydration products) in it some people have GI problems with products that contain any significant amount of fructose (myself being one of them).

I’m a much bigger fan of Cytomax- and recommend the product to athletes

The football team at my school uses advocare products, I dunno if they use any of the drinks, but they’re always snacking on the bars in the weight room. I go to a pretty big division 1 program school where football is bigtime and I doubt they’d use their products if they weren’t good for something!

I recently became a distributor for Advocare (just so I could get the 20% discount ;))

Anyway I’m currently using POS 2, 3, and I’m about to start using 4. I was also using the Performance Gold stuff, but I hate swallowing pills, so I stopped using it (for those of you who don’t mind swallowing pills, I’d recommend the product, helped with my breathing, not sure why, but it did). So far I’m really loving POS 3, it keeps me hydrated during practice, which is important to me because I’m a pretty muscular built 400m runner and my body (especially my calves) always seem to cramp up which hasn’t happened at all since I started taking POS 3.

As for POS 2, I can’t say I’m that impressed with it, at least not yet. Both flavors that it comes in taste good that’s a positive, but I dunno how much it really helps my body recover after a work out, I still feel just as sore the next day. Hopefully by adding POS 4 that won’t be the case.

If anybody wants to know about the prices, since they don’t put them up on their website, I can let you know, just send me a PM with the product who’s price you want to know about and I’ll get back to you ASAP.