achilles help

here you see the problem area, the upper part af the achilles.
i had some achilles throubles before, but that was in the area near the heel(normal problem area?)
That healed fine.

If someone can help me with this problem(it’s not mine by the way) it would be a great help.
My fysio asked me about this becaus he did n’t have much experience with problems in the achilles at this “unusual” area.

He uses frictions, ultrasound, overall calf massage and prescribes cryotherapy and stretching the gastrocnemius.

all i am going to say in eccentric heal drops,friction,ice calf loosening.i personally have discussed this topic on many occasions on this site.the threads are here if you look.


it has taken me seconds to find these links.the info is there if you really want it

And from Jon’s journal:

Originally Posted by Nikoluski

It would be interesting to see the rehabilitation process you followed for your Achilles tendon in more detail!
Thanks and good luck with your plan!

Basically I rested completely for a week until the pain subsided enough that I could go for brief light jogging (10minutes), then I began eccentric calf raises, where you stand at the end of a stair, raise up with the good leg, shift weight over to the bad foot and use that to slowly lower down past the stair. I did 1 week at 2 x 15 twice a day, then a week of 3 x 15 twice a day, then a week of 3 x 20, and finally 4 x 20. I am now at the point where I will be adding weight via a backpack. At first it didn’t seem to be doing much but giving me a good stretch, but after a couple of weeks I began to notice I wasn’t stiff in the morning anymore and I eventually became pain free.

I spent a bit of time after that bouncing around on the balls of my feet , just short hops at first to begin introducing load onto the achilles, then after time increasing the height of the hops and the reps on each foot. I am now at the point where I can tolerate a bit of light sprinting but I am going to keep that sort of work to every fifth day or so for now, just to be safe until I am sure my achilles can handle it.

I got this idea from an article I read where 15 participants with chronic tendinosis were able to achieve pre-injury exercise status using eccentric exercises twice a day for 3 months. I doubt anyone in their study was undergoing the kind of load that a sprinter’s achilles takes but I was desperate so I tried it.

I also took glucosamine, which is supposed to increase collagen production. I couldn’t find any information about this, so I don’t know if it played any role or not, but I figured it was worth a try.

Havn’t read the thread through but usually achilles problems can be prevented by working on the soleus and the planta facia. If you know about anatomy trains you will know why!

I’ve had a lot of success with loaded stretching. I throw a 25lb plate on the seated calf machine and hold the stretched position for ten minutes or so usually every other day. Coming out of summer league lacrosse where we played two games every Sunday night I could barely walk my achilles hurt so bad. Not to mention the pain from plantar fasciitis that I have suffered with for years. Having done this type of stretching for about 3 or 4 weeks now the pain is completely gone in both the achilles and plantar fascia and I have noticed a drastic change in tissue texture - much more pliable.

Interesting! Is this something you do on your own or you were told to do so? Also, will some specific strengthening come after this? Do you work on some kind of sequence/progression?

Work on hamstring flexibility and hip mobility also

It’s basically a self-devised conglomeration of existing research and trial and error. More exactly, it’s based on the eccentric loading research for tendinitis that X-man alluded to as well as the EQI (Eccentric Quasi-Isometrics) proposed by Tony Schwartz in CT’s Theory and Application of Modern Strength and Power Methods.

To be clear, it’s not a strictly passive protocol as I also include the use of a Compex unit while stretching. This machine has been a god-send as I have also suffered with severe damage to the muscles of the posterior compartment in my lower right leg for years. This, I believe, was the result of trying to make a long-distance runner out of what was historically a sprint-type athlete (i.e. football, lacrosse, etc.).

The strength is returning and I am finally able to stay on my toes while sprinting. Once I feel comfortable with my flexibility and strength levels I am going to begin to incorporate plyos to increase my plantar-flexor strength even further.

I’m going to try your idea with one of my athletes. Isometric contractions will basically strengthen the tendons so it is an interesting idea.

Very slow eccentrics or iso’s will help as will slower static stretches, but the root of the problem must also be addressed so look further up also for poor mobility and tension that are not absorbing force and is redirecting stresses - especially a ‘whipping’ action to the ankle and achilles. Copper creams may also assist in the healing.

just had my achilles teted with an echo.
seems good, also my muscle tissue looks good.
but somehow i have a constant feeling in teh assigned area.
I am doing heel drops and do stretches.
also trie to do hamstring stetches and i am getting my orthodics checked up.

so the tissue is fine, but maybe it is a nerve irritation?. I read that the spot that irritates me is known as a trigger point. (just between the two heads of the muscles)
i’ll go the the chiro next week, maybe he can help.

also is there any help on what a good chiro is?
Mine sais he wants to help and is alligning me, beut he almost never treats the areas that are irritated as calves and hamstrings.

At least i try.

I only did some tempo, bit of weights.
no running.

had lots of pain, had tons of pple looking at it.
but now it seems controled.

I can run(did a 30 flying in 3.01).
have littl epain , almost no reaction.

what helped?

  • massaging hamstring.
  • some local treatment on the area.(deep massage)

i really don’t know why it had to take about 9 months!! before someone could help me.

so i am back in the forum again.