Abs & Balance Work

I’ve seen vast improvements in my proprioception and athletism by incorporating abs and balance work together. For instance, doing all sorts of movements while standing on one leg and using a medicine ball to ad some resistance.

If you’ve seen the med ball dvd, I do the full body circles with the med ball, but I do them on one leg instead of two. I also do alot of medball throws off one foot. Another exercise I find useful is by holding a 10lb weight/med ball in one hand, stand on one foot and touch the ground in front of you with the weight, then return to your upright position.

Another exercise… keep the weight in one hand, stand on one leg, then throw yourself off balance in various positions and recover. Increase the difficulty by closing your eyes.

I do these almost every morning along with other ab and medball work.

Good stuff blinky. Try this for extra difficulty;
Do what you said above, but on a Mini Tramp, and add in one legged bounces.

Sounds good. I’ll try that out.

Why not do squats on a stability ball?

Tamfb, obviously you have no idea what your talking about.
Thats a shame.
proprioception is different to strength work. Perhaps look it up?

Here, i did a 10s search for you;

First of all it was a joke, and I wasn’t talking about during weighted squats on the ball but simply balancing on the stability ball. I also think there not much benefit (sprinting faster) to doing proprioception training esp. mini hops on a trampoline.

kool as.

As per the benifit. Some people have a natural proprioception and simply does not need training. Others are clumsy dofusses. My brother for instance could do with doing mini tramp/med ball work for the next 10yrs till he is 30.

my point is i wont spend 15mins working on proprioception but i perform some of the drills he mention but call them diff names, for example i perform single leg rdl, stiff dl, gm, and while performing my dym warmup i peform single leg toe touches etc.

No, neither would i, i dont need it.
But i know people who sure as do need to do it. No self awareness at all.

Yeah, I don’t think it would really benefit sprinting that much, but I do think proprioception exercises are valuable for sports. You can definitely feel the difference while you’re playing… better balance and body awareness.