A Gay Interview

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What are you fast at…

After Barry Bonds breaks the record they already have the exclusive interview questions set up

  1. Can you hit a ball out of san fran?
  2. Can you hit a ball out of the united states?
  3. Can you hit a ball into outter space?
  4. What else can you hit?

I advise everyone watch this interview at all costs. It is possibly the worst interview ever!

“Are you faster than a Jaguar?” “How about the car, the Jaguar?”

the best is gay’s response to “how about the car”


Ya, pretty bad questions haha…Wonder what he was thinking after she asked each stupid question.

She (the interviewer) didn’t really want to talk track at all did she? She seemed a lot more motivated trying to see if he wanted to be something else other than a track guy.
I remember M.J. was in Aust and had an interview with a supposed Top journalist, he was asking stupid Q’s to M.J. M.J. ended up saying, “look, you know the answers to these Q’s, everybody knows the answers to these Q’s, when are you going to ask some serious Q’s. If your not, im gunna walk out of here” The guy proceeded to ask dumb Q’s, so M.J. just said “look, your just fooling me around, i ain’t got time for this, your just making yourself look dumb” and got up and walked out.

HE should have asked her how fast did you come up with these dumb ass questions, and then RIP the mic from his shirt and walk out.

A couple of years old, but provides some visual insight on the development of Gay and Spearmon.
Arkansas Nike training Camp
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crap interviewer. first she tries to steer the conversation onto baseball, then asks him if hes faster than a CAR then talks about (im not sure if i can say this so i wont) which is jsut unnecessary and lowers the reputation of the sport.

What an absolutely ratshit interviewer!! That bitch should get her ass fired for that effort.
He should have just asked her “do you prefer anal sex or regular vaginal intercourse?”, then walked out.


Hahhaa I love the title of this thread and actually hearing his high voice…that was a tad amusing.

Anyways what a stupid interviewer! I read the responses to the thread before I started watching and I was thinking “Oh guys she’s probebly not that bad” but wow, she was horrible!

Q"So uh thats great your fast can you beat a segway?"
A"Yes I’ve been developing my speed over the years specifically for that purpose. I feel that if I can beat a segway I’ve accomplished something in life and that is my biggest goal that I’m looking to overcome in the next few years.

I kid you not, today after Chad Johnson won in his race against a horse today before the Preakness, the line of questions were:

Do you think you could be a lab, the dog?
How about a bear do you think you could beat a bear?
How about the infamous roadrunner do you think you could beat a roadrunner?

Those are verbatem but you get the point, must recycle their question lines.

Here is a different interview and a clip of the race by the way