40m accel development [video]

I would really appreciate any critique.

I saw the video and it looks like i was overstriding. I didn’t feel it during training…

Any help would be greatly appreciated guys:o

Does look that way to me. What did it feel like?

Yeap, it looks like i land in front of my CM:(

I must fix this ASAP!!
It sort of felt like i was taking long strides in the beginning .
I should concentrate on my arms ONLY, i guess…

You’ve already got the answer. give it a try and check the time.

Thanks Charlie!! I ll do:D
JUST concentrate on the arms and just relax damnit! I am a classic case of paralysis by analysis i guess.:wink: When i do top speed training my mechanics are VERY good, and as a result i am fast . But when i get in a crouching position, i get all sort of weird ideas, like try to power through instead of relaxing and thinking of arms only, thus causing me to overstride and lose so much power.
When i practice top speed, with submaximal accelerations from a standing start, i am completely relaxed as i should be and, the only thing i feel is a LIFT OFF the ground, and an UP-DOWN action of my legs, i can barely sense any horizontal impetus. (like you describe in the gpp video and here in the forum) I sort of feel like my whole body is lifted off the track. It’s an amazing feeling really.

Now i must relax and concentrate on my arms, and hopefully my legs will land naturally under or slightly behing the COM, in the acc. phase and not waste any power becaused of increased beraking forces.
I also felt a little twinge behing my knee in my 3rd rep (3x40)… that must be it. Overstriding


i think it looks fast! what r your PR’s ?

No certainly not fast, but thanks anyways:)
I am losing A LOT of power by overstriding, i am sure i can go so much faster, just by fixing my mechanics (that is relaxing and concentrating on my arms, so my feet would land slightly behing the center of mass). Now on each step, i produce breaking forces… and putting my hamstrings under a lot of stress!
Hehe, i think do have the potential to have a powerful start but gotta practice what i previously said. As of now it just looks like crap and forced. (wasted power)

You look to have a really kyphotic posture as well, which is perhaps related to your overstriding issues (may in fact be causing them to some extent).

talking about start posture, what do you guys think is the #1 reason for a slow first 5-10m ? everybody keep telling me i look like " i dont go forward" and just run without covering ground.

Don’t know if its strength or reactivity, ive seen fat\weak and skinny athletes start better.

I agree!:wink:

Drive your arms and knees and try to maintain a 45 degree angle. Other than that just “go fast”.

In the start position, it looks like your going to burrow your head into the track, like a ostrich. Your leg is running upwards, while you bend the upper body - this is only good if you want to pick up coins from the track while running.

Wait with the 3-point and block start until you have mastered the following exercise…

Stand tall and do not bend your upper body. Then fall like a tree - when you think you gonna hit the ground you start running - and keep falling. It should feel like your running up hill.
And remember not to bend forward - keep the body straight!

Thats a very good idea , NFS!:wink:
Very helpful advice

I ll try falling starts for a couple workouts! I am certain that with this and the focus on my arms and relaxation, my legs will take care of themselves!
I can’t wait on Tuesdays workout!
I promise i ll post a video with my improves acceleration mechanics as soon as possible:)

Take home point: Thats what happens when you start overanalyzing and forcing things, your mechanics turn into crap and you get sloooow!

Ok, here’s a new video as promised!


Yeah, I should probably have filmed it from the side lol:D

My mechanics have greatly improved after your advice. I just stoped overanalyzing things, and stopped forcing stuff. I now just run naturally, and it looks like my mechanics instantly fell in place