2016 Olympics: The Journey of a 5'7" Filipino.

Hey Everyone,
I am posting here to have valuable feedback. Please feel free to critique.

Stats from last year:
11.7 Handtimed,
12.10 FAT,
24.2 Handtimed 200m
395 DL,
370 Parallel Squat,
225x3 Bench,
200 lb power clean

Body weight:156 lbs.

PROJECTED GOAL: 11.6 FAT on May 6th, 2009 at Cate School, Carpinteria, CA.

Right now, I am using a hybrid between CF and Verkhoshansky’s Conjugated Sequence System Concentrated Loading block. I am using a very concentrated explosive phase using short and long jumps, barbell jumps, and drop jumps. In a few weeks I will be using depth jumps as I decrease the volume markedly, and run the sprints with more intensity.

I am using the concentrated block because I haven’t improved in the sprints even though I have done so considerable amount of high intensity sprinting for five months. The only explanation I have is that the sprints have lost its training effect, and the body needs more variety. Therefore, I don’t think I would be disappointed by using the concentrated loading phase. Prior to the use of concentrated loading, I had run 11.8 handtimed twice without blocks separated by the span of 5 months. Thus, I am using the CSS.

Density training (replacement for tempo) using Thera-band Resistance Tubing.

11 sets x 6 reps
Back Elbow Raise

Core (Goal: 1000 reps)
Sprinter Situps

What kind of sprints are you during?

Right now in the last two weeks (spring break), I decreased my sprinting volume. I was sprinting 50’s and 60’s. I will be leaving for California on Monday, March 23. I will have a race on Wednesday, March 25, BTW!