15/25/60 diet - wrong for sprinters?

Sprinters need approx 1.6g protein per kg body weight per day during the strength phase especially. For an 80 Kg sprinter this would be about 130g per day.

However taking the 15/25/60 (pro/fat/carb) proportion diet into consideration this would mean that if 130g proptein is eaten, then atleast 600g carbs should be eaten daily. Does any sprinter need this much? Is this proportion diet only suitable for distance runners and team sports?

In endurance sports less protein is needed due to less muscle damage (a small amount is also broken down for energy), but high carb is needed for glycogen storage for long exercise period plus a lesser amount of calories for other recovery mechanisms and protein synthesis.

In strength training a larger amount of protein is needed for greater muscle damage, and less carbs are needed for glycogen but more calories are needed to support other recovery mechanisms especially protein synthesis.

Are the extra calories needed for protein synthesis in strength training enough to increase the carb intake to reach the 60% of total calories from carbs.

Personally I don’t have a problem eating 130g protein with 300-400g carb (approx 40%) and 100g fat daily.

Any comments? (if I have not explained this clearly I will alaborate)

ok. would anyone like to state what ratios they use for pro/fat/carb.

are these percentage figure % of calories or percent of grams of food?

i dont use a “hard” set of ratios, and i customize my meals depending on relation to training time and time of day.

the ratios are % of calories